True Tattoo - Richmond's  Finest!

6106 Jahnke Rd., Richmond, Virginia 23225

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 8pm

804-233-8783 |

Tips for a Tattoo Session

-Make sure to eat something prior to your appointment.  

-Shower before your session and do not apply perfume, cologne or scented lotions to the area.

-Make sure to use the restroom before getting started.

-Do not bring your children or a lot of friends with you.  One person is okay for chatting.

-Do not drink alcoholic beverages or take any unnecessary medications prior to your appointment.

-If you are not well, please reschedule your appointment until you are feeling better. 

-Dress comfortably and appropriately; consider the length of your appointment.

-Please be on time.  If you have to change your appointment for any reason, please call as soon as possible.