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Scott Calcaterra

Scott Calcaterra - True Tattoo profile

My career in tattooing began back in 1990... i had just turned 18 had started getting tattooed at this new shop out in Tampa.  The owners were nice and it was run by a husband & wife team, Jim & Vickie Harris.  The boss lady wanted to go out of town and needed someone to answer phones and greet the customers.   I was the man for the job!  After doing this a few Saturdays, my name showed up on the schedule!  After a couple of years of doing this part time, my passion grew into the art aspect of tattooing and started focusing on apprenticing.  While apprenticing, the shop I was working for hosted a Tattoo convention.  I got to meet a lot of people from all over the country that were only ever seen in magazines!  It was an amazing point in my career!

So somewhere in the mid 90's I started my formal apprenticeship and started tattooing!  Fast forward to 1999 and I got a job offer here in Richmond, VA.  I moved here and fell in love with this city.  I started doing a lot of traveling, going to conventions all over the country.  In my travels, I learned a lot from other tattoo artists and happened to win a few awards along the way.  I opened True Tattoo in 2007 and currently work with a great group of individuals!  Swing by the shop and set up an appointment.  I love doing large scale tattoos and fun one shot stuff too!  Being versatile is one of my specialties.  Bring me your bad tattoos...I love a cover up challenge!

Matt Grosso

Matt Grosso - True Tattoo profile

Hello!  My name is Matt Grosso, and sometimes around the shop they call me socks.  I began tattooing in 2010.  I've always been a fan of low brow art and tattooing; hanging out at the tattoo shop since I was 16.  After not really enjoying my career choices, I was given the opportunity to apprentice and haven't looked back!  Before I tattooed, I spent my time building hot rods and motorcycles, pinstriping, and doing custom paint on anything; all of which I still do in my free time.  You can find me at the shop Tuesday through Saturday, and occasionally I'll be doing conventions here and abroad.

While I just really love to tattoo in any style, my favorite is hot rod, big bold color work, neo-traditional, and new school.  If you want something twisted up, bold and different, come check me out!

I have won multiple awards for small to large color pieces, as well as featured in a few tattoo books and magazines.

Outside of tattooing, I enjoy other art forms, the low brow art, and weirdo art, inspired by Ed Roth, Robert Williams, and Von Dutch.

Nick Ruffilo

Nick Ruffilo has been tattooing at True Tattoo since [sometime]. Nick is in a rock band called Bad Omens, so he will be available when he is not out on tour being a rock star.

Tony Amundson

Tony Amundson - True Tattoo profile

I've been tattooing since 2007, and I've always been fascinated with tattoos.  I wanted to do tattoos as a career because it is an outlet to be creative and meet tons of people.  My favorite pieces are probably anything black and grey/greyscale realism, dark art, horror stuff, fun color tattoos... and roses! (haha) ... I haven't won any awards yet, but come in and book that award-winning piece of art!  I also do water colors, oil painting, and pencil drawings.

Jesse Vardaro

Jesse Vardaro - True Tattoo profile

Richmond Virginia based tattoo artist Jesse Vardaro has been tattooing professionally since 2003. Jesse is a nationally recognized tattoo artist and an internationally published fine artist. He specializes in portraits, black and grey, and color realism tattooing. Jesse also enjoys spending his time oil painting, graphite and charcoal drawing, playing music, traveling and hanging out with his dogs.