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Scott Calcaterra

Scott Calcaterra - True Tattoo profile

My career in tattooing began back in 1990... i had just turned 18 had started getting tattooed at this new shop out in Tampa.  The owners were nice and it was run by a husband & wife team, Jim & Vickie Harris.  The boss lady wanted to go out of town and needed someone to answer phones and greet the customers.   I was the man for the job!  After doing this a few Saturdays, my name showed up on the schedule!  After a couple of years of doing this part time, my passion grew into the art aspect of tattooing and started focusing on apprenticing.  While apprenticing, the shop I was working for hosted a Tattoo convention.  I got to meet a lot of people from all over the country that were only ever seen in magazines!  It was an amazing point in my career!

So somewhere in the mid 90's I started my formal apprenticeship and started tattooing!  Fast forward to 1999 and I got a job offer here in Richmond, VA.  I moved here and fell in love with this city.  I started doing a lot of traveling, going to conventions all over the country.  In my travels, I learned a lot from other tattoo artists and happened to win a few awards along the way.  I opened True Tattoo in 2007 and currently work with a great group of individuals!  Swing by the shop and set up an appointment.  I love doing large scale tattoos and fun one shot stuff too!  Being versatile is one of my specialties.  Bring me your bad tattoos...I love a cover up challenge!

Matt Grosso

Matt Grosso - True Tattoo profile

Hello!  My name is Matt Grosso, and sometimes around the shop they call me socks.  I began tattooing in 2010.  I've always been a fan of low brow art and tattooing; hanging out at the tattoo shop since I was 16.  After not really enjoying my career choices, I was given the opportunity to apprentice and haven't looked back!  Before I tattooed, I spent my time building hot rods and motorcycles, pinstriping, and doing custom paint on anything; all of which I still do in my free time.  You can find me at the shop Tuesday through Saturday, and occasionally I'll be doing conventions here and abroad.

While I just really love to tattoo in any style, my favorite is hot rod, big bold color work, neo-traditional, and new school.  If you want something twisted up, bold and different, come check me out!

I have won multiple awards for small to large color pieces, as well as featured in a few tattoo books and magazines.

Outside of tattooing, I enjoy other art forms, the low brow art, and weirdo art, inspired by Ed Roth, Robert Williams, and Von Dutch.

Tony Amundson

Tony Amundson - True Tattoo profile

I've been tattooing since 2007, and I've always been fascinated with tattoos.  I wanted to do tattoos as a career because it is an outlet to be creative and meet tons of people.  My favorite pieces are probably anything black and grey/greyscale realism, dark art, horror stuff, fun color tattoos... and roses! (haha) ... I haven't won any awards yet, but come in and book that award-winning piece of art!  I also do water colors, oil painting, and pencil drawings.

Nick Ruffilo

Nick Ruffilo has been tattooing at True Tattoo since [sometime]. Nick is in a rock band called Bad Omens, so he will be available when he is not out on tour being a rock star.